Anxiety is both common and highly treatable.

Struggling with anxiety can seem like an unavoidable part of modern life. But it doesn’t have to be that way. At Community Psychiatry, our mental health providers successfully treat patients with a range of anxiety-related conditions, from panic attacks and debilitating social anxiety to conditions like agoraphobia. Some sufferers simply need better access to a therapist. Others may need additional help offered by anxiety medication, and regular medication management.

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Don’t accept living with anxiety, when available treatment offers hope.

When you make an appointment with Community Psychiatry, you can explore treatment options with an experienced psychiatrist, psychiatric nurse practitioner, or therapist. We also work with parents to offer treatment options for anxiety in children.

As one of the nation’s leading mental health provider networks, we’ve pioneered telemedicine appointments, increasing patient access to anxiety treatment. For your convenience and safety, all appointments are currently via telemedicine. Telemedicine is private, convenient, effective, and meets the standard of care for traditional outpatient appointments without the hassle of driving, parking, and waiting rooms. Community Psychiatry has over six years of experience providing virtual appointments. 

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Mental health care is now easier to access than ever.

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Medications may be prescribed via telemedicine

As a registered DEA practitioner, Community Psychiatry may issue controlled substance prescriptions to patients, as long as the prescription is issued for a legitimate medical purpose in the usual course of professional practice by a practitioner engaged in treating the patient via telemedicine during the COVID-19 public health emergency.  

Community Psychiatry has always had the ability to prescribe a controlled substance via telemedicine technology as long as we have previously conducted an in-person evaluation with the patient. During this health crisis, the new guidance by the DEA removes that in-person evaluation requirement.

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Our Promise

Our insurance specialists will help you understand your benefits for mental health services.

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