Appointments - Community Psychiatry


With one phone call, all patients will promptly be provided with an appointment to see a psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner.


We accept almost all commercial insurance. If for any reason we do not accept your insurance, we will do our best to help find you a provider who does.

Easy Access

Our staff understands the challenges of mental health insurance and will work closely with you to verify your benefits, obtain authorizations for care and help you understand your mental health benefits.

All Ages

Nearly all of our locations have providers that are available to see child, adolescent, and adult patients.

Unbiased Assistance

Patients, physicians or therapists can call our group to request assistance locating any provider with availability for new patients from their health plans lists.

Referrals for Psychotherapy

Community Psychiatry maintains a roster of licensed and qualified individual and family therapists in each community. Patients may benefit from psychotherapy either with or without medication. Our staff will assist patients with commercial insurance in finding a psychotherapist who meets their needs and accepts their insurance as full payment (a co-payment may be required).