Clinical Insights for treating Depression and Anxiety Youth

Community Psychiatry’s Allie Shapiro, M.D. and Minoo Mahmoudi, M.D. were featured in the Psychiatric Times Podcast, PsychPearls discussing what children are currently experiencing, along with their families. They offer their real-world experience of what they have seen in practice, together with tips and suggestions for clinicians who may be seeing similar symptoms in their patients.

In their practice, Drs Shapiro and Mahmoudi have found that young people who have social anxiety are actually doing well being at home all the time. They feel less of a need to interact and socialize with other children their age, or even other adults, in other situations.

Children with social anxiety seem to be making the best of the current state of affairs with the pressure of interacting with kids and adults lifted. They are very comfortable in their homes. On the other hand, as the COVID-19 timeline extends, some children haven’t left their home at all, and others are even regressing. The family is beginning to learn the quarantine is taking longer and longer with isolation taking a toll, especially in the Los Angeles area where things are getting worse and more restrictions are taking hold. It is becoming harder to get children to engage in and do things with their families. It is becoming an uphill battle for parents who are finding it challenging to get their kids to do anything.

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