Community Psychiatry Serves Patients in California Via Telemedicine Amid COVID-19 Health Emergency

New federal guidance approves telemedicine to prescribe medication for legitimate medical purpose during health crisis


SACRAMENTO, Calif –  March 20, 2020 – Community Psychiatry, the largest outpatient mental health organization in California, has opened access to new patients to be seen virtually through its telemedicine capability.  With psychiatrists in more than 40 communities across the state, this quickly increases access for patients with anxiety, depression, or other behavioral health concerns to see a clinician without leaving their home.


While Community Psychiatry has always offered follow-up visits for established patients via telemedicine, previously, federal regulations limited the medications that could be prescribed to patients seen via telemedicine. However, the U.S. Department of Justice’s Drug Enforcement Administration agency (DEA, 2020) published new guidance relaxing the restrictions on what medications DEA-registered providers can prescribe via telemedicine during the COVID-19 public health emergency.


“We are grateful to Secretary Azar and the DEA for recognizing the urgent need providers have to see patients virtually and treat them in the same way as if they were in the office,” said Ken Kelly, CEO of Community Psychiatry.


Dr. Priyanka, Medical Director of Community Psychiatry added, “We have been treating patients using telemedicine for over six years and find it to be an effective strategy to promote patient access to care while keeping providers and patients safe from COVID-19 transmission. Telemedicine is private, convenient and effective, and meets the standard of care for outpatient appointments.”


For more information about telemedicine at Community Psychiatry, please call 866-806-4079 or visit


About Community Psychiatry 

For over a decade, Community Psychiatry has been increasing access to mental health care by creating cooperative relationships with patients, physicians, psychotherapists, hospitals and insurers. The company currently employs over 120 psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, and therapists who provide connected care through in-person and telemedicine visits at more than 40 locations across California. Community Psychiatry is dedicated to providing high-quality, in-network mental health services through its partnerships with approximately 20 health insurance partners.


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