Jason Richardson, Psy.D - Community Psychiatry

Jason Richardson, Psy.D

Dr. Jason Richardson’s specialty is helping people in transition. More specifically, helping people get clear on what they want, what is important to them, and how they can achieve their ideal life. His straight forward approach to therapy and life directly stems from his unique background as a World Champion professional athlete with an MBA and Doctorate in Psychology.

Jason is a sought after motivational speaker and trainer. He is the Author of the book, “It’s All BS! We’re All Wrong, And You’re All Right!”, which Belief Systems and how one’s beliefs (and changing them) have a direct effect on one’s outcomes and overall happiness in life.

If you are a business professional that seems to be stuck, a student working through some tough times, or a parent that feels like you are failing your family, Jason is ready to get in the trenches and work with you until you find yourself smiling on the other side.

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