Wai Meng Soo, M.D. - Community Psychiatry

Wai Meng Soo, M.D.

Wai Meng Soo, M.D. is a board certified adult psychiatrist. Having lived in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Francophone Canada, prior to settling in the United States, he is familiar with various cultures and attuned to the immigrant experience. He obtained his medical degree from McGill University, in Montreal (a highly eclectic, multicultural, and multilingual city) and went on to pursue a residency at the Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis, MN. During his training, he saw patients from all walks of life, including the indigent and homeless, recent refugees, working-class individuals, university students, and those with professional backgrounds. This experience imparted to him a deep sense of “sonder” – the appreciation that everyone has a story to tell and that understanding of this story is key to successful treatment. His interest in individuals’ personal narratives was reinforced by his training in psychodynamic therapy at the Hamm Clinic in St Paul. Following residency, he worked for 7 years at the VA Medical Center in Minneapolis and gained much experience managing mood disorders, anxiety, substance abuse, and PTSD. His work with veterans has left him with a deep and abiding respect for the sacrifices that they continue to make post-deployment.

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