Community Psychiatry’s Leela Magavi, M.D. was featured in Medical Daily discussing election day stress and tips on how to cope. 

Expert Advice to Beat Election Day Stress

By: Sean Marsala | Medical Daily | November 3, 2020

Election Day 2020. It dominates every conversation. is on the front page of every news site, across every social feed, and in almost every ad break. If you’re experiencing stress and anxiety or even losing sleep about the election results, many others can keep you company. We have asked the experts for advice to get you through the big day and beyond.

Gearing Up Your Mind

“Experiencing anxiety and stress due to the election is a normal human response,” Leela Magavi, MD, a psychiatrist and regional medical director at Community Psychiatry in California, told Medical Daily. “Most individuals are already experiencing depressive and anxiety symptoms due to limited social interaction, lack of routine, job loss and various other psychosocial stressors, so the political climate only exacerbates their stress, sadness and worries.”

For Dr. Magavi, a measure of peace can come from putting pen to paper. “I advise my patients to create lists of things that are in their control and things that are going well, when their anxiety transforms into catastrophizing,” she said. “Writing and journaling can help individuals gain clarity, and music and art can help release emotions in a creative manner.”

The Physical Factor

Physical activity is deeply connected to brain function, including managing stress.

Dr. Magavi also endorsed exercise. “Thirty minutes of exercise each day could help release anger and frustration,” she said. “Mindful walks alone and with loved ones can help individuals refocus their mind on nature and sensations in their body, and divert their attention from worries about politics.”

Dr. Magavi explained, “Deep, diaphragmatic breaths allow individuals’ amygdala, or fear center of the brain, to settle down, so they can feel more grounded, calm and in control during this time of uncertainty.”

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