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Elisabeth Collins, PMHNP-BC

Elisabeth “Liz” Collins, PMHNP-BC, is a board-certified child and family psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner with more than fifteen years … Read More

experience working in mental health. She earned her masters from the University of California, San Francisco in 2012 and has been working as a community mental health nurse practitioner since. Previously she provided skills training, substance use treatment, and individual and group therapy to children and adults. These past experiences help her provide a rich and integrated approach to medication management, focusing on the wisdom and goals of her patients. She makes it a priority to hold a supportive and safe space for individuals of all races, religions, genders, orientations, cultures, and abilities. Her treatment style is to collaborate with the patient in creating a wellness plan that integrates medications and support from non-pharmaceutical interventions such as exercise, sleep hygiene, spiritual practices, social involvement, and psychotherapy with a therapist.

Treatment focuses include: depression, trauma and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), attention deficit disorders (ADHD, formerly ADD), affective disorders (Bipolar Disorders), substance use disorders (alcohol, benzodiazepines, tobacco, harm reduction) and managing anxiety and panic disorders without benzodiazepines. Due to the evidence* of the risks of benzodiazepines (Xanax, Klonipin, Ativan, Valium, and others) she does not use these medications to manage symptoms but works with patients to find effective alternatives and then slowly, gently, discontinue dependence or use of benzodiazepines and controlled sedative medications.

Telemedicine Appointments Available

For your first appointment with Lis, please:
– Arrive 20 minutes before your scheduled appointment to complete paperwork that will be used during the assessment.
– Parking is limited in downtown Oakland and the 12th street BART station is conveniently located just below our building.
– Bring medications, medical records, and some notes on what is bothering you and your goals for treatment.
– During the assessment, Lis will ask about current mental health symptoms, previous psychiatric symptoms and treatment, past medical and social history, and your goals for treatment.
– If started on time, with the intake paperwork completed, the appointment allows 50 minutes to meet.

Summer Savon, M.D., Ph.D

Summer Savon, M.D., Ph.D, has always been interested in what makes living joyful and meaningful and to that end has trained in both molecular science … Read More

and western medicine and additionally has a background in the musical and visual arts. Her PhD in biochemistry enables her to consider the importance of nutrition and epigenetics in health, and her MD has trained her in the gifts of psychotherapy and pharmacology to help heal the mind. Her belief that optimal mental health requires addressing social and spiritual needs as well as physical and psychological issues has led her to offer a broad treatment perspective which increasingly includes complementary modalities. Known to be very open and caring, Dr. Savon is very responsive to individual patient situations and works actively with her patients to help them reach their treatment goals.

Candice Rugg, PMHNP-BC

Candice Rugg, BSN, RN-BC, MSN, PMHNP-BC is a board certified psychiatric nurse practitioner, who received her undergraduate degrees from Mills College … Read More

and Samuel Merritt University and her advanced practice education from the University of California, San Francisco. Her specialty training was provided by the San Francisco Department of Veteran’s Affairs with a focus on complex medication management and substance use disorders. Since 2011, she has worked extensively in community mental health since in both assertive community treatment outpatient and inpatient settings, providing individual therapy and medication management.

She is especially interested in working with patients who may struggle with substance use disorders approaching treatment from harm reduction model, utilizing trauma-informed care and considering a holistic whole-person focus when considering treatment options with her patients. Care offered is client-centric and non-judgmental.

Other areas of interest include sexual health/sex positivity and is passionate about providing culturally sensitive care that is gender-affirming, body positive, Alt sex/Alt relationship-affirming, LGBTQIA informed (+ally). Candice loves offering up book recommendations and podcasts to her patients, and loves receiving recommendations back as well. In her spare time, she’s likely to be getting lost in Mexico City.