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Connecting your patients to care options in a single, simple step.

Our online referral form makes it easy to get your patients access to mental health care. Simply send us a referral form, or refer your patient online, and our staff will contact them to schedule an appointment at their preferred location with one of our providers who accepts their insurance. Afterwards, we will contact you in order to let you know the status of their initial appointment.

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Online Referral Form

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Have more confidence that your patient can access care.

Referring a patient for mental health care can be challenging. One of the biggest hurdles for new patients seeking care is finding a practitioner who is currently accepting new patients, takes their insurance and will promptly return their call.

Community Psychiatry is changing all of that. For over a decade we’ve been expanding access to exceptional mental health care in both urban and rural areas. We’ve grown to over 40 practices within California, employing psychiatrists and nurse practitioners who offer multilingual care in eighteen languages including Spanish, Tagalog, Arabic and Mandarin.

We offer people seeking treatment transparent, unbiased care, including help with referrals outside our own network of providers. And for patients where treatment requires ongoing dialog with primary care physicians, we’re committed to providing reliable, proactive communication.

Additional Services

Video conferencing for patient evaluation, medication management, and therapy that expands the workforce and reaches rural areas.

Psychiatrists advise primary care physicians one-on-one.

Collaborative care models where psychiatrists are embedded in a patient’s care team.

Electronic Medical Records and other technology that helps ensure patients, referring providers and payors get what they need.