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Hi Everyone,

We want to keep you updated on the steps we are taking to respond to and limit potential exposure to the rapidly changing COVID-19 situation while continuing to serve the needs of our patients.

Meeting the needs of patients

In just five days, we have converted almost 80% of our visits from in-person to telemedicine.  This is a tremendous service to our patients who need us now, more than ever.  This took flexibility, hard work and the kind of cross-functional, cross-office cooperation that shows us at our best.

It has allowed us to work toward dramatically reducing exposure in our offices as we have reduced the traffic in our waiting rooms, worked toward social distancing, and been diligent to have our own people stay home if they have symptoms.  It has also allowed us to keep working in places where we need people in our facilities to keep functioning.

COVID-19 Task Force

We have a Task Force working throughout each day focused on safeguarding our people, protecting our patients, and maintaining the health of our business.  Changes are happening quickly, and we are using notes like these to keep you up to date on the latest.

Should I come into the office?

Unless you are exhibiting symptoms or need to stay home to care for family members, you should report as usual to your normal work location.

What about locations under shelter-in-place or other public health orders?

As a healthcare provider, we are considered an essential business, which means all of our offices are exempt from any state or county public health orders directing residents to shelter in place and businesses to cease all activities. This includes our non-clinical offices whose services support the provision of direct patient care.

Is there an option to work from home? 

At the moment, some people can work from home, but many cannot.

Our next priority is to have all provider offices operating without any patient traffic (100% virtual, with limited exceptions) by Monday, March 23.  We are also working to accommodate our team members who are considered high-risk under CDC guidelines or need to work from home to care for a child due to school and/or daycare closures.  Lastly, we may be able to transition more of our team to remote operations under certain conditions outlined below.

We expect all these measures to be temporary, but we are not sure how long we will need to work this way.

Why can’t everyone work from home?

At the moment, we do not have the equipment or systems needed to have all employees work from home and many of our people do not have a setting at home that allows for their work to continue remotely.

We have ordered more laptops and will be adding access points (VPN), Zoom licenses, and bandwidth to help, but that will take time.

What are the requirements for working remotely?

For all of our teammates, in order to work remotely, you must be able to assure continued compliance with federal and state privacy regulations, have a space that is conducive to work and to private communications where you are not interrupted or distracted by other concerns (family members, pets), and have stable access to high-speed internet.  Our providers are already operating under guidelines that assure these work requirements and we will soon publish those requirements for non-clinical team members.

What are we doing to keep our offices healthy?

Clinical locations:

Transition as many patients as possible to telemedicine appointments

Screen for symptomatic patients

Remove magazines and toys (hard to clean)

All locations:

Stay home when sick

Practice social distancing measures amongst those working in the offices (i.e., maintain a physical space of at least six feet between you and others in the office)

Wipe down frequently touched surfaces at least every two hours

Increasing cleaning frequency and depth in both our suites and in common areas

What resources can I access for self-care during this stressful time?

We’ve posted a blog on our website “Tips for Managing Anxiety and Stress During the Coronavirus Outbreak”

Reach out to our EAP provider, Halcyon, if you need someone to talk to or to explore their online resources

www.halcyoneap.com username: cpsych

HR can help with questions on leave/sick pay/PTO and outside resources

Thank you to you all for your hard work to care for our patients and each other during this unprecedented and difficult time.

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