Update to telemedicine policy in response to COVID-19 image

Hello Everyone,

Effective immediately and for the next 60 days, any patient who wishes to be seen via telemedicine, and whose provider identifies it as clinically appropriate, can do so without any prior insurance verification required. We are confident that our payors will support covering telemedicine visits in light of concerns around COVID-19. Late appointment cancellations related to COVID-19 will not be assessed cancellation fees.

We are updating our scripts for appointment reminder calls and our patient check-in process to screen for patients who have fever, cough, or shortness of breath and/or who have traveled out of the country in the past 14 days. We intend to move high-risk patients to telemedicine or reschedule their visits past their potential isolation/self-quarantine dates. A separate e-mail with scripts and decision trees for how to route patients based on their responses will be sent directly to office team members.

We are also working on updating our phone systems and website to include messaging to the community about our response to COVID-19.

Lastly, our COVID-19 Task Force is working through contingency planning to continue serving our patients should any of our locations be exposed to individuals diagnosed with COVID-19, including any of our own employees. If you have any concerns about potential exposure, please contact the Human Resources team and/or file an incident report immediately.

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