Working together in uncertain times from Ken Kelly, CEO image

Hello CP:

Community Psychiatry has a long history of coming together during challenging times like the ones we face today with the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Truly, it is in these moments when we are at our best – taking care of patients and one another with excellence and compassion.

The situation with COVID-19 is rapidly changing, and we have assembled a Task Force to focus on delivering on our promises, managing through the changing environment, and assuring good communication. The Task Force has prepared business continuity plans should one or more of our offices be faced with an exposure from an individual diagnosed with the virus. This will include shifting patients to telemedicine, providing phone consultations for patients in urgent situations, and making more laptops and equipment available to facilitate remote work for both providers and non-clinical staff. We started that today with a temporary closure in our Davis office where we are seeing patients only through telemedicine through 3/18/20.

All travel outside of our team’s home areas is canceled until further notice. You are encouraged to evaluate your personal travel plans as well and if you need any supporting documentation from us to make changes, let us know.

We are committed to transparent and frequent communication to you all. I have asked Heather Prowd, Executive Director of People, to manage internal and patient-facing communications and our Medical Director, Dr. Priyanka, to communicate with all of us on clinical matters.

I’d like everyone to do the following now:

Practice good hygiene as described in several previous communications – hand washing, frequent cleaning of surfaces, making sure patients and staff have access to hand gels and cleaning supplies.

If you have symptoms (cough, sore throat, fever) – stay home. We have liberalized our leave policies, and no one will be penalized for missing work for Covid-19 related absences.

Pay increased attention to emails from Heather, Dr. Priyanka and your leaders. They will provide up to date guidance as this situation evolves.

Take care of one another. I know many of us feel the stress of the current situation, and I also know we do great things when we work together compassionately.

My thanks for your care on behalf of our patients. You really are making a difference.

CEO, Community Psychiatry

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