COVID Children books for wearing masks

Community Psychiatry’s Pavan Madan, M.D. was featured in The Washington Post discussing the importance of children’s literature in helping to explain the pandemic to kids.

These new books are here to teach your kids about social distancing, masks and COVID-19

By: Debra Kamin | The Washington Post | September 1, 2020

My twin daughters are 4, and they used to hate wearing their masks. So to help, I introduced them to a girl named Lucy.

Lucy is a character in a children’s book who, like many real-life kids today, is scared and confused by the changes covid-19 has wrought. Most of all, she needs a little help to understand why it’s important to cover her nose and mouth when she goes outside. So her mom sews her a special mask and explains that, just like other masked superheroes, Lucy is doing important work to help the world.

Books are particularly effective at this time, said Pavan Madan, a child and adolescent psychiatrist with California-based Community Psychiatry, because they serve as a still point of focus in a world of information overload.

“There is an overwhelming amount of information out there surrounding covid, even for adults, and it’s important that children are provided information in an accessible way they can easily understand … delivered in a way that feels normal, like ‘story time,’ ” he said in an email. “Children should be allowed to have the space to ask questions, clarify things and process their feelings.”

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