Understanding your choices.

Your discussions with your provider and their clinical observations about you become the basis for choosing medication, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS therapy) and/or psychotherapy.

If your mental health provider recommends medication, the initial stages of treatment may require several trials of different medications in order to choose a treatment that is effective and causes no side effects.

Regularly scheduled follow-up visits with your psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner will ensure that you have the best response with the least problems on your medication.

Telemedicine makes it easier to talk to someone.

Connect with your provider on your computer or mobile device. With telemedicine, patients who may not be able to visit a Community Psychiatry office can see their provider online. If your Community Psychiatry provider agrees telemedicine is right for you, our staff can assist you with scheduling appointments and verifying that telemedicine is covered by your insurance.

Use your phone, tablet or computer to see your provider from anywhere in California.

On your Mobile Device:

  • Go to Google Play or App store
  • Download “Zoom Cloud Meetings” app
  • Click on the Zoom Icon
  • Select ‘Join a Meeting’
  • Enter your Meeting ID number from your appointment reminder email

On your Desktop or Laptop:

  • Open your appointment reminder email
  • Click on the zoom.us link
  • Select ‘Join a Meeting’
  • Enter your Meeting ID number from your appointment reminder email


Psychotherapy can be helpful alone or in addition to medication.

Psychotherapy—”talk therapy” undertaken with a trained mental health professional—can be either an alternative or adjunct to medication. If you and your psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner decide that psychotherapy might be helpful, our group can collaborate care and work closely with your therapist. We value a collegial relationship with your therapist.

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