Medication Management - Community Psychiatry

We’ll get to know you

We begin with a one hour evaluation. Sometimes, medication alone can make a dramatic difference in the treatment of mood and cognitive disorders.

The most challenging aspect of using and managing psychiatric medications is that there are currently no blood tests which can be reliably used either to diagnose the need for medication or to decide which, if any, medication to choose. Your discussions with your physician and their clinical observations about you become the basis for choosing medication or psychotherapy.

Understand your choices

If your doctor recommends medication, the initial stages of treatment may require several trials of different medications in order to choose a treatment which is effective and causes no side effects.

Many of these medications can cause harmless, but annoying, side effects (dry-mouth, constipation, stomach upset, diarrhea or mild headache), which often subside after a few weeks. Regularly scheduled 20 to 30 minute follow-up visits with your doctor ensure that you have the best response with the least problems on your medication.

Will psychotherapy be helpful?

Psychotherapy can be either an alternative or adjunct to medication. If you and your doctor decide that psychotherapy might be helpful, our office will find you a psychotherapist who accepts your insurance as payment in full (a co-payment may be required).