Telemedicine - Community Psychiatry

Initially designed for patients in rural areas without access to psychiatric care, our Telemedicine Program has expanded to enable access to providers between Community Psychiatry offices, in community health centers, on college campuses, and even in some patient homes. As a result, patients are given the unique opportunity to establish a relationship with one of our providers who can manage medication and assess the need for ongoing psychotherapy from almost any location throughout California. With this technology we are also able to assist multi-lingual patients in locating a provider at our practice who speaks their native language. We will work with you and your insurance to verify benefits and obtain authorization for care before you begin treatment. Most Telemedicine sessions are covered. Call 855-427-2778 for more information or to make an appointment.


  1. Telemedicine provides the same psychiatric care as face to face appointments through a different medium. If the psychiatrist closest to you does not have availability in a reasonable amount of time, Telemedicine gives you the opportunity to select a physician from over 20 office locations who can see you within 10 to 14 business days. This can also be very helpful if you need medication management advice between appointments or are unable to attend your in office appointments. While Telemedicine is available to all patients, it is important to consult with your physician to make the determination.


Advantages Telemedicine
Face to Face
Ability to meet with a psychiatrist who can help manage your medication and assess your need for psychotherapy.
Brick and mortar locations throughout California for appointments in a comfortable environment.
HIPAA secure policies and practices.
Access to see your psychiatrist from almost any internet capable location including the comfort of your own home.
Knowledgeable front office staff that can schedule appointments and answer questions.
Friendly appointment reminder phone calls at least two days in advance.

Call today to see if Telemedicine is right for you! 855.427.2778