Community Psychiatry’s Allie Shapiro, M.D. was featured in a PureWow article discussing back-to-school safety tips for kids in the age of coronavirus. 

What Are the Best Tips for Parents Worried About Back-to-School Season? We Asked 5 Pediatricians for Their Advice

July 20, 2020

While the pandemic made us all seriously grateful for teachers, we’re still unsure if we’re going to see them again this fall (single tear). All the uncertainty is enough to consume our thoughts for the rest of the summer, but thankfully we’ve culled some expert advice for parents whose kids are likely to go back sometime soon. Here, five pediatricians weigh in on how to safely ease the transition.


Just as it’ll feel weird for us adults to jump back into big gatherings, it’ll also be weird for kids to see all of their friends again so suddenly. “Children can’t learn if they don’t feel safe,” says Dr. Allie Shapiro, a child & adolescent psychiatrist with Community Psychiatry in Beverly Hills, CA. “Assuming kids are going back to school in person, my initial advice is that they practice by safely seeing friends and family prior to their return. It’s best if they become accustomed to being with their peers and the necessary social distancing that will now be required in school in smaller, controlled settings.” Dr. Shapiro also recommends having an earnest conversation with your child about maintaining social distancing, especially with younger children and kids with social anxiety. Reintegrating them with friends and other social groups slowly prior to the start of the school year will help make the interactions not appear as intense or shocking once school resumes in person.

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