Community Psychiatry’s Pavan Madan, M.D. was featured in lifestyle publication Your Tango discussing Doomscrolling. 

What Is Doomscrolling? + 7 Ways To Take A Break From The Anxiety-Inducing News Cycle

By: Aly Walansky | Your Tango | August 15, 2020

It’s like seeing a car accident and not being able to look away.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a never-ending bad news cycle, and as many of us are scared and unsure of what to do or what will happen next, we find ourselves constantly following the news on social media.

Since most of the news is negative, it’s a vicious cycle. And it leads to increased anxiety and stress.

3. Humans are designed to look out for danger.

When faced with fear or threat, people may even resort to hostile or aggressive behavior.

“Being constantly showered with fear-inducing content can lead to a variety of anxiety issues that can cause physical and mental discomfort,” warns Dr. Pavan Madan, M.D. “Staying up late at night while doomscrolling not only encroaches in your sleep time, but also makes it harder to fall asleep or have a restful sleep.”

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