Election Day Anxiety and How to Cope

Community Psychiatry’s Julian Lagoy, M.D. was featured in Healthline discussing how to cope with election day anxiety. 

How to Handle the Stress Between Now and Election Day

By: Tony Hicks | Healthline | September 7, 2020

How to cope

Beyond two sides of the political gulf, there are also nonpolitical factors adding stress to the 2020 election, said Dr. Julian Lagoy, a psychiatrist with Community Psychiatry in California.

“This election season will be even more stressful than normal due to the current pandemic and the plan to have most people conduct mail-in voting,” Lagoy told Healthline.

“I remember being very stressed during the 2000 election and the Florida recount, and only imagine this election will be much worse, as most of the country will vote by mail.

“I think the election results will take longer than normal since normally it takes longer to count the mail votes than ballot votes. All of this will have a big effect on people’s mental and physical health.”

Lagoy added, “We need to have some healthy detachment because worrying about the result is not going to change anything. The most we can do is vote and know we did everything we could and leave it at that.”

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